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Harsha Kotak

Architecture & Built EnvironmentDesign Critic, Writer, CuratorInterior Design, Performance Design

Harsha Kotak, Founder and Director of the Sustainable Design Collective and Women in Office Design, is an international Interior Designer and workplace consultant. With a lifelong passion for design, Harsha has worked in the workplace design industry for over 20 years and has practiced in the US, India, and the UK. She has worked on prestigious projects like designing for the White House and Pentagon in the US and for FedEx and the US Embassy in New Delhi, India. Harsha is currently a workplace projects consultant with K2 Space in London and is responsible for helping their global clients.


Having worked on three continents, in 2018, Harsha united her network of connections to create the organization WOD (Women in Office Design). WOD provides a dedicated platform for women to share ideas and connect with others in the design community. Today, WOD is a global networking group for women in the design industry with chapters in the UK (England & Scotland), Europe (Spain & Italy), and India.


SDC (Sustainable Design Collective) is an initiative of WOD and a pet project of Harsha. With collectives in the UK and India, SDC aims to spread awareness and education about sustainable design in the workplace design industry. Harsha is also the editorial director of the Sustainable Design Magazine with a mission to educate young designers. She has been invited as a keynote speaker at international design festivals and has been nominated as a jury member on several awards in the UK, Europe, and India.

Harsha Kotak