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Josie Warden

Systemic Design, Policy DesignFashionStrategic Design, Design Innovation

Josie has a decade of experience working with grassroots policy, business, and civil society organisations to create systemic change and build a more regenerative future.


Beginning her career as a textile designer for luxury fashion brands, she soon focused on designing for a sustainable future, gaining her Master's degree in Leadership for Sustainable Development from Forum for the Future.


Josie joined the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) to work on the flagship Great Recovery circular economy programme. She moved to roles within the design and economy teams, designing and leading complex multi-stakeholder research and action projects, including the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission local inquiries, and Rethink Fashion in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


As Head of Regenerative Design, Josie led the team which pioneered regenerative thinking and design. This approach has since become central to the RSA’s strategy. This included co-hosting the ReGeneration Rising podcast series.


Alongside her ongoing textile practice, Josie became an independent consultant in 2023, working for clients including Volans Ventures, RMIT University, thinkpublic, and JRF.


Josie is Cornish and a member of the Skwah First Nation of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Relationships to land and the role of Indigenous and place-based knowledge, culture, and craft are important features of her work.

Josie Warden