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Kay Richardson

Kay’s focus on the historic urban landscape approach, socially responsible urban design and value sensitive design has led them to become a doctoral researcher in critical heritage at UCL: exploring the creative gap and innovation between heritage methods and design practice.

Born in Brighton and specialising in the landscapes/seascapes of South-eastern England, after a foundation in private consultancy, she spent 13 years in Local Government.

Undertaking Global Ecovillage Network/ Gaia Education training transformed her practice to integrative design for ecological democracy: donating time to agroecology, common good land use, and Eco village projects nationally and internationally, and founding a wood-fired community kitchen on a social enterprise business model.

As an intelligent client for nationally and internationally significant urban, rural and coastal spaces and places her experience of practical heritage risk management and conservation management planning provides a framework of methods for discussing and decision making that works with notions of value across place and time.

Her current work requires a wide knowledge of built and rural landscape management processes, characterisation, and heritage making as well as expertise in community engagement, environmental land management, SDGs, research by design, ecosystem services, facilitation/mediation, training, and client liaison.

Kay is a member of the Design South East Design Panel as well as various infrastructure and place panels within England.

Kay Richardson