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Laura Melissa Williams

Strategic Design, Design InnovationSpeculative Design, Futures DesignSystemic Design, Policy Design

Laura is an award-winning artist and design strategist. She has spent 20 years working at the intersections of art, design, science, ecology, and futures. Over the past 5 years, Laura collaborated with the UK Design Council on many health and design-for-planet projects. Best known for her creative leadership, systems coaching, and capability building, Laura was a contributor to the Systems-shifting design report and co-wrote the Design Council Systemic Design Toolkit.


Beyond the Design Council, Laura’s impact extends to initiatives like Carbon Neutral Newcastle, where she spent 3 years designing services to reduce carbon emissions. She collaborated with WWF and Merrell on identifying opportunities and corporate sustainability strategy. Laura led a year-long speculative design programme with the British Science Association and is on the 2024 Bio-Leadership Fellowship: a global network of 200 nature-focused leaders. Laura’s art practice explores connections between humans and non-human worlds. She creates art experiences which blend participation, creativity, ritual, ecology, and science. ‘Mossy Adventures’ connects people of all ages and backgrounds with the fascinating world of mosses and combines sensory exploration, embodied activities, and creative workshops fostering appreciation for these resilient, interconnected lifeforms. Laura was shortlisted for the prestigious Maison/0 This Earth Award. In 2023, she graduated with an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins.

Laura Melissa Williams