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Marcus Willcocks

ArtsDesign Academic, EducatorUrban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Marcus is a practicing designer, active researcher, and advisor on place-based collaborative, people- and planet-centered design. He has brought-to-life cross-disciplinary, socially responsive, and award-winning projects for over two decades. Trained in London, Barcelona, and Copenhagen, he has delivered, taught, and advised on design in the UK and internationally through placemaking strategy, visions, engagements, and research.

He brings experience as a Senior Urban Designer with Sustrans, Research Fellow in Design and Public Space at CSM, University of the Arts London, and consultant experienced across sectors. Marcus works on inclusive active mobility, design for healthier places, people, and planet, social-safe neighborhoods, urban identity, equitable artistic playful public realm, and human-centered design against crime.


He has recently consulted on the placemaking strategy for the emerging Bristol Temple Quarter. His work is included within the Government of South Australia’s Atlas of Urban Excellence, GLA’s cultural strategy, as well as the permanent collection of MoMA New York. Marcus is co-founder of the Urban Lexicons initiative recently shortlisted for the LFA Co-Designing Equity in Public Realm competition. He is an invited expert for inclusive innovation in public toilets with Helen Hamlyn Centre RCA. He has also published internationally, including for Routledge’s 2023 Handbook of Placemaking.

Marcus Willcocks