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Maryam Atta


Maryam is a Designer at the Design Council, part of the Marcomms team overseeing the creative outlook of the design work inhouse and outside projects.

Being in the company of so many talented artist and designers over the course of her adult life, she draws inspiration from the knowlege she has acquired over the years - happily applying this into her work and sharing with others. She started her career in a little studio of three designers in Shoreditch and has since worked with big publishing houses along the way. She was working in publishing when InDesign was launched by Adobe and so has built an extensive knowledge over the years. With the shift from print to digital she has developed and honed her skills in both, with a strong foundation in UX design.

She tries to face every chapter in her life with an optimistic vision. Working hard, she makes time for a good laugh, cherishes good friendships and has unlimited love for her family.

Maryam Atta