Alongside industry partners, Design Council’s CEO John Mathers has presented an Action Plan for Inclusive Environments to Stephen Williams MP and Mark Harper MP.

The partners who have worked to develop this action plan have made specific commitments to promote the planning, design, construction, development and management of inclusive environments by:

  • Reviewing competencies, including vocational courses, to ensure inclusive environments are properly supported

  • Collaborating on industry wide and sectoral Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training

  • Rewarding excellence and celebrating success

  • Championing inclusive design through leadership and promoting awareness

  • Collaborating on research, innovation and continual improvement across industry

  • Communicating best practice to members and encouraging knowledge sharing between professional Institutions via the Inclusive Environments Hub

Design Council initially developed the Inclusive Environments hub in 2014, with government funding and industry support. It is a one-stop shop for built environment professionals to access resources, knowledge and case studies on inclusive design. It supports a community of practitioners, helping them make informed decisions to deliver more inclusive environments.

Call for partners

Building on this success, we want to transform the understanding of inclusive environments. As a national leader promoting well designed, inclusive places, we invite you to join us in developing the next phase of this exciting and innovative professional development programme. The government have committed to providing grant funding for this project, subject to match funding by March 2015. We have strong support from industry.

Join us and become an inclusive environment industry leader


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Inclusive Environments

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