We are delighted to announce that the Transform Ageing call for applications is now open.

The experience of ageing in the south-west is set to be transformed with the announcement of six innovation briefs for ambitious social entrepreneurs to apply their innovative and creative expertise in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

Recognising that those with first-hand experience provide unique insight, in 2017 we brought together groups of people in later life, their friends, families and carers, social entrepreneurs and public-sector leaders in communities in Cornwall, North Devon, Somerset and Torbay to use design led tools and methods to understand what people need and want, what would improve their experience of ageing and what would make a difference to their day-to-day lives. You can find out more about what we did here.

From this work the following six innovation briefs have been developed. We now invite social entrepreneurs, with innovative product and service solutions that may address one of these briefs, to submit an application for funding and support.

1. Steps to a positive future

Empowering people in later life to take their first steps in any activity or engagement in the community. This challenge aims to re-engage people with former interests and develop increased physical and emotional wellbeing, recognising skills, knowledge and experience.

2. Mobility and transport

Removing the barriers which prevent good mobility and negatively impact upon daily living and wellbeing. This challenge looks to help people remain independent, allow them to make spontaneous decisions and develop social connections through the journeys they make.

3. Life transitions

Supporting people to better prepare for and go through life changes as smoothly as possible. Improving people’s networks and connections to support them with changes in their life is the goal of this challenge. The challenge aims to give people in later life improved confidence and resilience in dealing with significant life changes

4. Caring about carers

Preventing stress, anxiety, isolation and fatigue before it has a negative impact on carers’ quality of life. This challenge looks to offer improved support to carers and help develop access to mutual support and peer learning, ensuring carers have an increased sense of identity and self-worth.

5. Right information, right time

Providing information which matters most to someone available when it is needed. Social ventures here should look to support people with the right information and make it accessible and relevant, allowing those in later life to readily make informed decisions, access services or support and participate in community activities

6. Making connections

Making it possible for people in later life to connect with people, community and activities to lead a healthier, happier and more active later life. This challenge addresses loneliness and is designed to ensure people in later life can play a more active role in their community, developing more opportunities for social interactions in their day-to-day lives

We’re now inviting you to apply. 

Successful applicants will receive a unique package of funding and support to promote their ability to create social impact, become investment ready and increase sustainability.

The full innovation briefs and further details about how to apply can be found here.

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