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Nick Christoforou

Graphic Design, Visual CommunicationService, Experience & UX DesignStrategic Design, Design Innovation

Nick is passionate about giving the ideas and organizations that are making our world a better place the platform they deserve. That's why he co-founded the creative agency Neo back in the early 2000s. Under Nick's leadership, Neo became a founding UK B Corp—a movement of businesses as a force for good. B Corp certification involves a rigorous assessment in which Neo has scored in the top 5% for workers' rights.

Unafraid to challenge the status quo, Nick and his team have always sought out to do things differently, from human-centered design and community-led practices to co-creation, self-organization, and shared decision-making. Neo works in partnership with socially and environmentally focused organizations, helping them to build, grow, and achieve greater impact through shared purpose. They do this by connecting brand strategy and workplace & community culture.

Nick also brings these lenses to his other roles as a business consultant, coach, and trustee of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, a government-funded organization that encourages true global citizenship among Welsh communities. He's currently working with the WCIA team on the development of an ambitious new strategy and identity. Nick's holistic, collaborative way of working means he's always listening to what’s needed, and he's well-versed in facilitating complex projects and diverse groups of people. Seeking balance to his busy and very social work life, Nick enjoys tending to his smallholding.

Nick Christoforou