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Active by Design launches to get the nation moving

Active by Design launches to get the nation moving

26 March 2014 Written by By Margarita Ktoris Marketing & Communications Officer at Design Council, 2011 - 2015

The Design Council has launched a new movement to improve the health of the nation, Active by Design.

Active by Design was created in response to the increasing health crisis affecting the UK. The intention is to promote the use of good design in buildings and spaces to encourage greater levels of daily physical activity and increase access to healthy and nutritious food.

The campaign includes a new guide on designing places for healthier lives as well as a conference planned for September.

As part of the launch we're working with property developers Derwent London to encourage office workers to take the stairs instead of the lifts.

Today workers in Derwent London HQ in Savile Row, Middlesex House, Greencoat Place and TEA building arrived to find new posters and signage encouraging them to use the stairways in their buildings and keep active throughout the day. 

The results of this work in Derwent buildings will be announced later this year.

In order to really make a difference, we need professionals from planners to health service professionals, developers and many others, to join us in the Active by Design campaign.

We invite anyone who is interested to get in touch and register for our conference this September.

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