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Building Brave New Worlds: the architectural visions of sci-fi cinema

Building Brave New Worlds: the architectural visions of sci-fi cinema

7 October 2014


When Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas said ‘the most important thing about architecture is arriving in new worlds, rather than returning to old ones’, one may wonder if he had the spectacular urban visions of sci-fi cinema in mind. In sci-fi, directors are able to construct entire universes and, crucially, test how they function.

Films like Metropolis and Blade Runner offer the opportunity to both critically reflect on our contemporary environments and to explore possibilities for the future of our cities. Through presentations, screenings and discussions with experts and practitioners drawn from a range of fields, this study day will explore the fertile two-way traffic of ideas between sci-fi cinema and architecture, urbanism and planning.

With a keynote address from Nic Clear, and presentations by film scholars, writers, and architects; plus the films of Larissa Sansour and Kibwe Tavares.

We are pleased to be presenting this study day in partnership with BFI as part of their sci-fi blockbuster season.


  • Nic Clear – Head of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich
  • Will Brooker – Professor of Film and Cultural Studies, Kingston University
  • Amy Butt –  Associate Director, BPR Architects
  • Pawel Frelik – Assistant Professor, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University; President, Science Fiction Research Association
  • Julian Gitsham –  Principal and Architecture Practice Leader, HASSELL
  • Richard Martin – Author, 'The Architecture of David Lynch'

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