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Considering Inclusive Environments and how we rethink design

Considering Inclusive Environments and how we rethink design

28 July 2015 Written by By Nicola Mathers 2011-17 Head of Cities Programme

All of us who work in the built environment sector have a role to play in creating inclusive buildings, spaces and places that are welcoming to everyone. Whether you are a planner, designer, a construction professional or a facilities manager, we all have influence. At Design Council Cabe, we recognise that the skills to achieve well-designed places go beyond the qualifications and the years in private practice or a local authority, important though they are. We spend far more time being everyday users of the built environment.

We need to rethink how we use design to create inspiring places for all. This is not just about the bricks and mortar. How people feel when using a building or space – their psychological reactions to the built environment – is of equal importance to their physical needs. Inclusive design is more than physical access.

Our Built Environment Experts (BEEs) have been involved in our work in this area from the Inclusive Environments hub – a one-stop shop of resources, best practice and information on inclusive design for built environment professionals – to proposed training for professionals.

Our projects require a rich, creative, diverse group of BEEs. The balance of traditional technical expertise, experience of engaging with local people and also lived experience of the built environment is essential. Sometimes those with the sharpest insights and most original contributions are users who can turn their individual experiences into something more generic. It is this mix that makes our BEE network so valuable.

The BEE recruitment application process closed at 2pm on Friday 31 July.

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