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Design Council launches Inclusive Environments CPD

Design Council launches Inclusive Environments CPD

28 January 2019

Design Council’s free online Inclusive Environments CPD is launched today. Built environment professionals will benefit from completing this one-hour course, providing them with an increased understanding and knowledge of inclusive design as standard practice at a national level.

This course has been funded by partners including the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and developed in partnership with the key institutes and experts on Inclusive Design across the UK.

Inclusive Environments is a Design Council initiative to raise awareness about the importance of designing places that meet the needs of the diversity of people who will use them. Inclusive environments are places that work better for everyone. An inclusive approach to planning, design and management is an opportunity to use creativity and agile thinking to make places that reflect the diversity of people who want to use them.

Inclusive design is the responsibility of everyone who works in the built environment: planners, those who commission new buildings and places, access consultants, designers, architects, engineers, surveyors, property owners and facilities managers.

If we want an inclusive society, we need to create buildings and spaces that are accessible and inclusive to all. Done properly, at the right time, inclusive design should not add cost.

Tony Burton, Chairman – Construction Industry Council

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