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Design is key to new creative industries strategy for growth

Design is key to new creative industries strategy for growth

4 July 2014 Written by By John Mathers Chief Executive, Design Council, 2012-2016

The new creative industries strategy confirms that design can inspire economic growth.

We have been championing the importance of design for 70 years now, and the recent launch of the creative industries strategy report reinforces what we’ve been saying - design can inspire people, growth and change not only nationwide, but on a global scale.

The report outlines a cross-industry strategy on how to accelerate the impact of our creative industries. It is as a long-term vision and focuses on five areas that will be the most important for growth in the sector for the next 20-30 years: access to finance, infrastructure, intellectual property, export markets and education and skills. The Design Council has been closely involved in preparing the strategy and will continue to work with the Creative Industries Council and design sector to meet these ambitious plans, particularly increasing design exports and driving inward investment.

The UK’s creative industries generate a staggering £8million per hour for the UK economy, and design is at the heart of this - we have the second largest design sector in the world, some of the best known names in design, and many of the world’s leading brands, buildings and products. From 2011-13 jobs in design increased  by an astonishing 22%. 

You need only search #CreateUK, the social campaign surrounding the report, to see examples of some of the astounding work going on all over the UK. The buzz it created is proving once again that the design industry is not just an important piece of the UK’s economy, but a global success story.

Download the Creative Industries Strategy.  

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