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Designing a better Britain – Design Council’s 2015 manifesto

Designing a better Britain – Design Council’s 2015 manifesto

27 February 2015

Design Council is an enterprising charity and the UK Government’s advisor on design. Our work focuses on applying design methodologies to a wide set of challenges in the public and private sectors.

We support key policy priorities including future-proofing British industry, delivering local and city-led growth, and enabling social innovation and public sector reform. Our new manifesto, available to download here, sets out our priorities and how we tackle them through our work:

  1. Driving innovation and growth in business by increasing export, bolstering supply-chains and strengthening small and medium-sized businesses
  2. Supporting the UK’s scientific and technological research base to commercialise ideas, enabling the UK to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy
  3. Delivering sustainable, prosperous places across the country by tackling the current housing and infrastructure constraints using design methods, creating the foundations for growth and good quality places where people want to live, work and visit
  4. Building design capabilities in the public sector to transform policy development and create more effective, people-centred services.

This document explains why these areas are of such importance to the UK’s growth, how design can impact them quickly and effectively and how we plan to put in processes to ensure growth is long-term and sustainable.

If you have questions, want further information or would like to find out more about our services, we would love to hear from you.

Download Manifesto (File type: .pdf)

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