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Introducing our new Inclusive Environments Hub

Introducing our new Inclusive Environments Hub

17 July 2014 Written by By Nicola Mathers 2011-17 Head of Cities Programme

Our new Inclusive Environments Hub brings together the latest thinking on inclusive design in the built environment - from best practice to guidance and legislation.

The Inclusive Environments Hub is set to become the recognised go-to place for information and debate about inclusive design. By providing insight, information and discussion on this subject, we hope the hub will help built environment professionals and clients be better placed to deliver inclusive environments.  

The Design Council was selected by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to produce and manage the project which was overseen by a steering group of partners spanning the RIBA, the Landscape Institute, the CAE and others.  

Our Chief Executive John Mathers explained why DCLG chose Design Council to oversee this long-awaited project: “Our network of passionate, expert, professionals is quite unique. We’re delighted to be able to lead on an issue that is critical to delivering sustainable, well-designed and thriving places.”

Commenting on the launch of the hub, Stephen Williams, Minister for Communities, said: "Making our surroundings and buildings accessible to everyone is vital to giving people equal opportunities. Government and construction professionals have already made significant progress but there is still more we can do to improve building design. The launch today of this hub plays an important part  in driving towards a more inclusive environment."

If you have a resource you think should be included in the Inclusive Environments Hub please get in contact.  

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