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Knee High Design Challenge: video diaries

Knee High Design Challenge: video diaries

2 April 2014 Written by By Mollie Courtenay Junior Designer

The Knee High Design Challenge is nearing the end of Stage 2 and we wanted to share with you video diaries from the 11 teams.

These films feature an overview of each project and how the teams have been developing their ideas in the community, to improve the health and wellbeing of under fives in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Kids Connect

Tracey Gilbert, Hannah and Ben White

Kids Connect is an online tool that offers accurate, relevant, and up to date information of about local activities for families. It aims to allow parents to plan journeys, share invitations and build confidence to access activities locally.

Easy Peasy

Save the Children and Character Counts

Easy Peasy is a digital service for parents. It shares age-appropriate games and activities with parents that can help children to develop key skills such as motivation, concentration, confidence and self-control.

Good Enough Mums Musical

The Good Enough Mums Club

This is a musical theatre production that aims to empower parents to share their honest experiences and seek support and advice in more effective ways.


Sally Walker

Fortyfi is a service that aims to help parents build and strengthen their social networks during pregnancy and mobilise this support in the postnatal period. Support can come in the form of relevant local groups, classes, help with hands on tasks and professional services.

Crafty Explorers

Mission: Explore, Lambeth City Farmers and Geography Collective

Crafty Explorers trialled their idea in a pop-up shop in Nunhead for 6 weeks. This initiative provides families with missions that turn the outdoors into a world of discovery for parents and children.

Creative Homes

Tea Dance for Little People

Creative Homes is an artist-lead service supported by a range of products that promote interactive play within the home, and relieve day-to-day stress within a family. Creative Homes has been testing their initiative in the Viridian Housing’s Church Manor Estate in Lambeth.

Pop-up Parks

Intelligent Space

Pop-up Parks look to transform neglected outdoors spaces, improving them with sensory and playful interactions. They are co-designing pop-up-parks with local families in under-used outdoor spaces.

Leapfrog Bus

Sara Tilley

The Leapfrog Bus is redeveloping a bus experience for under fives and their families. It looks to provide an interactive and engaging travel experience, using effective spatial design to welcome and inspire families.

The Dad Project


The Dad Project is a range of products that will provide new dad’s with information, advice and reassurance about the transition to parenthood.

New Moments

The Mental Health Foundation

New Moments is a service using video interaction guidance to provide parents with positive feedback on the relationship they have with their baby. This initiative aims to develop parent and child attachment, bonding and improve self-esteem in the long-term.

Cook & Meet

The Stockwell Partnership and Brixton People’s Kitchen

Cook & Meet is a service supporting and training migrant parents to deliver People’s Kitchens in their local areas. The Kitchens aim to build family networks, employability and integration with local services and to uses food from shops and markets that would otherwise go to waste.

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