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Launch of the Government Aviation Strategy: In response

Launch of the Government Aviation Strategy: In response

21 July 2017

We welcome a public discussion on how to help shape and promote the future of the aviation industry both up to 2050 and beyond. Design, and the importance of design, should be at the heart of the strategy.

Our Leading Business by Design work demonstrated the value of high quality aviation design – specifically its impact on innovation, safety and the environment. This work, recognised by the Government has identified the untapped potential of connecting designers across aviation sectors – from those who are passenger facing, to those working in technical and industrial design – bringing long term competitive advantage alongside improved quality and standards across the industry and its supply chain.

We believe it is vital that wider aspects of design form a central part of the UK’s aviation strategy and we will continue to campaign for this. Design isn’t just about the jet engine, it’s also about the carefully planned infrastructure, environment protection and transport networks that connects airports to the people that use them, work in them and the communities that host them. It’s about inclusive world class airports that attract and support all passengers whether on business, leisure or transit to make a journey through a terminal smooth, safe and without disruption.

Design must be at the heart of this strategy if it is to work. It means a focus on people’s experience, so that from childhood to later life, air travel is fit for purpose and works for us. If we can do this, then this aviation strategy will reach its ambition for new horizons. 

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