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Leading Business by Design videos

Leading Business by Design videos

12 March 2014

Watch the highlights from the four sessions at our Leading Business by Design summit, with speakers including Martha Lane Fox (Go ON UK), Matt Webb (BERG) and Rachel Jackson (Thomson Reuters).

Adding value: using design to improve products and services

In association with Interbrand

Our experts discuss the role of design in improving products and services - and how it can increase brand value. 

Featuring Sue Daun (Interbrand London), Paul Gardien (Philips), Maggie Hodgetts (Waitrose) and Jeremy Lindley (Diageo).

Innovate and succeed: using design and technology to get ahead

In association with Technology Strategy Board

The panel discuss combining design and technology and why introducing it early in development can lead to a better experience for the customer and the business.

Featuring Paul Mason (Technology Strategy Board), Arren Roberts (Shropshire Council) and Matt Webb (BERG).

Inspiring cultural change: using design to build high performance teams

In association with the Arts & Humanities Research Council

Our experts discuss embedding design in business - and how it can inspire cultural change.  

Featuring  Annemie Ress (PurpleBeach), Graham Hopkins (Rolls-Royce) and Rachel Jackson (Thomson Reuters).

Winning workplaces: using design to create environments for success

In association with Derwent London

How can design create a successful workplace? Our panellists discuss the benefits of a good working environment.

Featuring: Rob Brown, (Barclays), Nigel Oseland, (Workplace Unlimited), Molly Crockett, (Wellcome Trust Centre of Neuroimaging), Ken Giannini, (Scott Brownrigg Architects).

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