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Listen again to Adrian Westaway's take 5 talk

Listen again to Adrian Westaway's take 5 talk

26 February 2015

Listen back to Adrian's magical and charming take 5 talk, as he runs through the top five key inspirations behind his work.

As well as being a founder of Special Projects Studio, Adrian could very well be the only designer to be a member of the Magic Circle.

At take 5, he made clear that his top inspiration since he has been 11 has been none other than magic. He argued that magic is, in a way, intrinsically linked to user experience design, as it's all about timing and really understanding your audience.

Connected to this love of magic, the other four things that really drive Adrian are his lifelong passion for experimentation, empathy, trying to find the unexpected and calmness. Listen back to a 5 minute recap of Adrian's talk below.

The take 5 format is simple. We invite a designer to share five insights (spending about five minutes on each one). Then we open up to the floor for five questions. And tickets cost just £5 (including a free drink).

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