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Meet Up & Make: learning from each other

Meet Up & Make: learning from each other

29 May 2014 Written by By Mollie Courtenay Junior Designer

Do you have a story to tell that can inspire others to make good things happen in their area? Share your experiences at the next Meet Up & Make.

We're big believers in the idea that a better world evolves through the combined efforts of creative and compassionate people working towards a common goal. So we couldn't think of a better way to begin to build a network of people that want to make good things happen in Southwark and Lambeth than with Meet up & Make; our new events designed to inspire people to make positive changes in their area.

Don’t be scared of making money, the enterprise bit is just as important as the social.

Tom Tobia, Founder, Makerversity

At the first session last week, held at Impact Hub Brixton, our speakers offered encouraging tips to people in the audience experiencing similar issues of getting started. Sarah Drinkwater, Google's Global Community Lead, highlighted the importance of having a co-founder “it’s really hard when it's your idea, you may not always have the skills or energy, you really can’t do everything on your own” while Makerversity founder, Tom Tobia encouraged listeners, “don't be scared of making money, the enterprise bit is just as important as the social”.  Ilana Taub, co-founder of Snact, advised, “set yourself deadlines that you can’t miss - once you tell other people you’ll do it, you have to” and Jo Clayton of the Point, focused on empowerment, stating “no-one can be you, better than you”. 

Each speaker focused on the importance of building a community around a new idea. I hope that this series begins to build a new and lasting community of people who care about new ideas and support each other to make a change.

If you're interested in being one of the speakers at Meet Up & Make please get in touch by Friday 6th June

Today we're looking for an inspiring speaker to join us at the at the next session on June 19, Meet up & Make: creative confident ideas. If you're interested please get in touch (my details are below) with a brief outline of what you would share, do, or facilitate by Friday 6th June. Each talk need only last 10-15 minutes and should be encouraging, motivating and honest. 

We're always open to hearing from our attendees too. What would be useful to you? What issues do you want to discuss, debate or learn more about? Let us know @MeetupandMake or on Facebook

Hope to see you on the 19th June. 

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