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Methodology cheat sheet

With a broader remit and a longer-term research programme, Design Economy: 2021–2024 offers more insight than its predecessors. Our comparison table lets you see how our research is evolving.

History of Design Economy Reports

14 April 2021

To produce the Design Economy: 2021–2024 methodology, researchers at BOP Consulting and UAL have learned from, and built on existing approaches, methodologies and data. In doing so, they have createcreate a new approach to capturing the value of design.

Their aim is to provide the foundation for a three-year research programme to see the bigger picture of the social and environmental impacts of the UK design economy. It involves working towards a sociological account of the design economy rather than relying primarily on economic analysis as in
previous years.

The table below shows the differences in methodologies compared to previous iterations Design Economy research (2018 and 2015). You can find more information on our new methodology in our 'How do you measure design' research reflection.


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