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A new Design Review for Oxford

A new Design Review for Oxford

13 March 2014 Written by By Mathieu Proctor Planner, Cabe

We’ve partnered with Oxford City Council to create an expert independent design review panel to review significant planning applications in Oxford. 

The Oxford Design Review Panel (ODRP) has been set up to ensure that there is a consistently high standard of design for significant built environment projects, embedding best practice into the planning process at this exciting stage of Oxford’s development. 

The ODRP will consider a broad range of projects, including housing, infrastructure, civic buildings and the public realm, promoting consistency in design as the city develops.  

Design Council Cabe were commissioned to establish the expert panel on behalf of Oxford City Council, with award-winning architect Keith Bradley appointed as permanent Chair, supported by Joanna van Heyningen as Vice Chair.

Panellists are a combination of Design Council Cabe Built Environment Experts and locally experienced expert practitioners nominated by Oxford City Council. The panellists have been selected for their expertise in a range of built environment disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, heritage, town planning and urban design. They represent a unique mix of nationally recognised expertise and Oxford specific experience.

The ODRP will meet on average once a month, and provide support through a mix of review and workshop services which will be delivered through ‘support days’, which might consider a number of projects (up to a maximum of two) over the course of a day depending on the requirements of the city council at any given time. 

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