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Our response to the EU referendum

Our response to the EU referendum

24 June 2016 Written by By John Mathers Chief Executive, Design Council, 2012-2016

Today’s referendum result is a significant moment for the UK’s design sector, as it is for the country as a whole.

The imperative now is to sustain the UK’s competitive edge in the world economy. Design plays a critical role linking innovation to creativity, boosting the economy and improving the quality of the built environment. Design is a significant contributor to UK growth; between 2009 – 2013, the design economy has grown faster than the UK economy as a whole and contributes £71.1bn in gross value added (GVA), equivalent to 7.2% of UK total GVA.

During the coming period of expected uncertainty, we at Design Council will focus on ensuring that design plays its part in boosting our economy and society. And we will work to ensure that design continues to be an engine for growth into the future.

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