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Spark: overheard in 50 words

Spark: overheard in 50 words

21 August 2015 Written by By Marion Gillet Product Development Manager, Accelerators

Marion Gillet, Product Development Manager of our product innovation fund Spark, shares some of the stand-out, snappy observations she’s overheard and scribbled down over the course of the programme.


  • I have more conversations than my brain can remember. To not get overwhelmed by it all, I take notes. Taking notes shows that you are listening and taking something in. No pen, no gain.
  • The devil is in the detail: email signature, voicemail and tone of voice. Get it right and make sure people can contact you.
  • Not sure of where the email conversation is going? Pick up the phone…

Strategy and branding

  • There are so many bad products out there. They are the proof that it is possible to take any product to market and pave the way for better ones.
  • Communicate about your product or don’t bother! There is no point if people don’t get it.
  • Is the product about you or your customers? What aspect of your personality are you going to use to engage with your customers?
  • You really have to believe in your values.

Financial modelling

  • Are you an opportunity business = cash generating? Or a risk business = cash absorbing?
  • Investors aren’t sharks - like any broad category they are made up of different people - some you get on with, some you loathe. Have you ever thought about what’s in it for them? 

Our Spark product innovation fund finalists are in the programme’s final weeks. Join us on 25 September at London Design Festival to meet the eight teams and their wide-ranging inventions. 

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