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take 5: Adrian Westaway

take 5: Adrian Westaway

27 November 2014


take 5

To kick off 2015 with a bang, we're delighted to be welcoming Adrian Westaway to share five insights into his life as an acclaimed designer, inventor, and magician.

5 insights, 5 questions, 5 pounds

The take 5 format is simple. We invite a designer to share five insights (spending about five minutes on each one). Then we open up to the floor for five questions. And tickets cost just £5 (including a free drink).

Adrian Westaway

Adrian has a background in industrial design and electronic engineering and is a founder of Special Projects Studio. But what really makes him tick is the way that people interact with and experience objects, rather than any technical mechanics. He was made the first ever James Dyson Fellow, and his work has been recognised in the Design Museum's Designs of the Year exhibition. But our favourite thing about Adrian? He might just be the only designer to also be a member of the Magic Circle. Join us for this magical take 5 talk.

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