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Tender opportunity for film-makers

Tender opportunity for film-makers

1 July 2021

Design Council is inviting professional film-makers to produce a powerful film to show the pivotal role of design in addressing the climate crisis.

This can be used for:

  • the 1.69m people within the design industry to start conversations with their clients about building sustainability into every brief (e.g. the film could be played at kick-off meetings on discussions around sustainability).
  • policymakers to understand how they can use the resource and energy of designers for the future of the planet
  • the UK to demonstrate its global leadership in the area of design. The film will be showed at our Design x Climate two-day festival, running alongside COP26, and disseminated to designer, commissioner and policy audiences.

View the full brief here

To respond to the brief, please put together a short submission that covers:

  • short summary (500 words max) of initial response to the brief
  • portfolio of previous experience and relevant work
  • methodology, timeline & costs
  • approach to diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Please respond no later than midday Friday 9 July. We will then shortlist no more than four respondents and invite them to a pitch (non-paid). 

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