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Video: How I created a successful brand – Rob Law of Trunki

Video: How I created a successful brand – Rob Law of Trunki

9 January 2015

Rob Law is inventor of the Trunki, the original ride-on suitcase for 'globe-trotting tots'. Here he talks about the initial inspiration he had for the idea as well as the challenges he experienced, giving some vital advice to budding product inventors and entrepreneurs. He also encourages anyone with a brilliant product idea of their own to enter Design Council Spark.

The idea for Trunki came to Rob when he entered a national luggage design competition in his second year of studying product design at university. 

The Trunki serves as a great tool for children to play with as they travel through an airport. It also gives children responsibility for their possessions when they are going on holiday. 

Rob spoke to us candidly about the issues he experienced with Trunki in its first stages. He describes how finding a place for Trunki in the marketplace was difficult to begin with, and highlights the crucial importance of getting every aspect of your product right.  

Rob offers invaluable advice to any aspiring inventors who would like to submit an idea for Spark, pointing out that projects like Spark can help designers and entrepreneurs to find their way a lot quicker.

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