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Video: How I launched Chillipeeps – Claire Mitchell

Video: How I launched Chillipeeps – Claire Mitchell

17 December 2014

Mum turned inventor Claire Mitchell founded the Chillipeeps adaptor after a Eureka moment on the way to a party with her baby daughter, Mimi. In this video, she talks to us about her journey from mum to entrepreneur - and encourages anyone with a brilliant product idea of their own to enter Design Council Spark.

Driving to a party with her husband, new mum Claire realised that she'd forgotten to bring a sterilised bottle with her for her baby and wondered why no one had come up with a product that could attach directly to a formula carton.

Claire researched the idea as soon as she got home and found that no such product was on the market. So she decided to create one of her own. Her invention, the Chillipeeps Teat, is an adaptor which can be used on formula milk cartons and water bottles - a perfect solution for busy parents on the move with their babies and children.

We spoke to Claire about how she launched her brand new product idea; turning a Eureka moment into a successful business - with more than a few challenges and lessons along the way.

Claire shares her top tips for any aspiring inventors who have an idea that they want to submit for our Spark product innovation fund - including her advice on everything you need to know about taking a product to market from product design and manufacturing, to branding, social media and marketing.

Spark product innovation fund

Design Council Spark is a new product innovation fund to uncover the UK's next great inventions. Those who apply have the chance to win a place on our 20-week bespoke support programme, as well as an initial £15,000 investment and the opportunity to pitch for a share of £150,000 investment to help bring their physical product prototype to market.

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