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Video: Living outside the Box

Video: Living outside the Box

25 September 2017

At Design Council we’ve been working with Film Roundhouse to explore some of housing challenges that young people currently face.

The film features three young people who have taken very different approaches to solving their housing issues. They talk about their experiences and what makes a home.

We commissioned this film because we’re really interested about hearing a range of perspective on this matter. We want to find some of the hidden problems that exist and bring them to light.  

The film demonstrates the importance of creating places that can be beneficial to people’s health and wealth. To make this happen we need to connect homes, jobs, transport, public services and green spaces. Design is vital to achieving this. Design creates sustainable and creative housing solutions that bring together communities and promote wellbeing.

This is just one part of our contribution to the debate. We are keen to hear your voice too. We would love to know about your experience of housing and your ideas about how we can build better places for the future. 


Director – Ravi Lloyd

Executive Producer – Beth Turrell

Assistant Camera – Elena Sánchez

Music – Ben Sound and Kai Engel 

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