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Watch our new animation on designing a better A&E

Watch our new animation on designing a better A&E

12 June 2014 Written by By Catherine Makin Project Manager – Health

The design solutions created by PearsonLloyd in response to our A&E Design Challenge are having a dramatic impact in hospitals. 

Our new film illustrates the difference these solutions make by improving the experience of A&E for patients and staff.  To produce the film we commissioned one of our 2013 Future Pioneers winners, animator and designer Matt Wilson.

The A&E Design Challenge in partnership with the Department of Health set out in 2010 to reduce violence and aggression towards A&E staff, and make A&E a calmer and more straightforward environment for its patients.

Since then we have published a complete report on the A&E Design Challenge, a toolkit of guides for hospitals, and commissioned an independent evaluation of the solutions carried out by ESRO and Frontier Economics.

You can find out more about the solutions, which are now available for hospitals to purchase and install, from PearsonLloyd’s site

The design team’s outstanding work to improve A&E for staff and patients has been widely acclaimed, most recently winning Creative Review’s Best in Book award.

Find out more about our A&E Design Challenge.

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