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Watch: Transform Ageing – Discover the impact of NEDcare

Watch: Transform Ageing – Discover the impact of NEDcare

13 November 2018

Transform Ageing is a design-led initiative that aims to change the experience of ageing for people in the south-west of England. 

We challenged social ventures to find solutions and create lasting change through the initiative, breaking down barriers and supporting ageing societies.

NEDCare is delivering a lasting solution for ageing communities and providing a better solution for people in later life. NEDCare supports communities to build the capacity for care locally. It aims to help other communities create the same level of engagement locally by meeting GP services, pharmacies, parish council and community groups like the Women’s Institute.

Transform Ageing is a pioneering programme taking a community and design led approach to improve people’s experience of ageing. It brings together people in later life, their friends, family and carers, social entrepreneurs and public sector leaders to define, develop and deliver new solutions that better support the needs and aspirations of our ageing communities.

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