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What public engagement teaches us about housing design

What public engagement teaches us about housing design

3 August 2020

People want different things from their homes at different stages of their lives but some things are universal, writes our Chief Executive, Sarah Weir.

When Design Council was set up in 1944, the plan was simple: invest in design to help rebuild the economy after the Second World War. Now, aged 75, we continue to confront many major challenges of our time, improving economic, societal and environmental outcomes along the way.

Our recent report, A Public Vision for the Home of 2030 is an excellent example of how we go about doing this. It was commissioned to inform the second stage of the government-backed Home of 2030 competition and features findings from a series of innovative Design Council workshops. These events brought together people from diverse backgrounds to explore what they like and don’t like about their homes, along with what they want and need from them in the future.

Original article published on BD Online

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