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What turns a good idea into a great invention?

What turns a good idea into a great invention?

19 January 2015

We hosted a Google Hangout exploring what turns a good idea into a great invention. With contributions from some of the UK's most successful inventors, the panel discussion examined the issues of feasibility, viability and desirability and how these three attributes are key to making an invention successful.

Some fascinating debates, as well as great advice for fledgling entrepreneurs and product inventors, emerged. Watch the full-length panel discussion, which was followed by a Q&A:

The panel included the following:

  • Mat Hunter, chief design officer, Design Council
  • Mark Sheahan, inventor in residence at the British Library
  • Claire Mitchell, inventor of Chillipeeps baby products
  • Rob Law, inventor of Trunki ride-on suitcase
  • Duncan Fitzsimons, inventor of the Morph Wheel, the world's first folding wheelchair wheel 
  • Emily Tulloh, product design student and inventor of the Summerbug trike 
  • Satwinder Samra, senior university teacher, Sheffield School of Architecture
  • Freyja Sewell, product designer and creator of the HUSH pod

This Google Hangout was held in advance of the final deadline on 31 January for entries to our new initiative, Spark. 

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