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Why the public sector needs service design

Why the public sector needs service design

17 June 2014 Written by By Arren Roberts Senior Design Officer, Shropshire Council

Why do we put more effort into the design of our coffee machines than our social services?

Hear Arren Roberts, Senior Design Officer at Shropshire County Council, explain the importance applying design methods to our public services. Arren argues the focus should be as much on the relationship with the people using the services as the technologies behind them.

By putting people at the heart of his design approach, his ambition is to create public services that people actually want to use.

As part of his work with Shropshire Council Arren took part in our Independence Matters Design Challenge as co-creator of Gusto, a self-help co-operative where members can do more the things they love, try new experiences and meet new people.

Find out how the Design Council can support the development of better public services.

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