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Design Reviews

23 March 2022

How we deliver 

The Design Review process focuses on outcomes for people, ensuring places better meet the needs of the people using them. An interdisciplinary panel of Design Council Experts assesses the design of a proposal using constructive advice to identify and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of the design. The panel also gives advice on how to achieve better outcomes to the quality of architecture, urban design, landscape and highway design, as well as social and environmental sustainability. 

The panel provides advice on new development proposals, masterplans, individual buildings, infrastructure projects, design related policy, design visions and principles; and also can provide strategic support and training. We also run Paragraph 79 reviews. 


For Local Authorities, the aim of Design Review is to support the authority in achieving their  objectives and securing the best outcomes and quality of life for residents, workers and visitors through development, regeneration and renewal

We have provided design support to more than 1,000 unique schemes in local authorities and NGOs since 2011. 

design reviews for 26 clients in 2020-21, including seven local authorities and four national infrastructure bodies.

9 in10
design review participants said design review helped to build consensus across stakeholders to help smooth the planning process.

Category: Place & Infrastructure

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