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Graduate Digital Capabilities for Built Environment Professionals

Recent graduates in the built environment sector need to develop a range of digital skills, knowledge and experience to support and deliver industry transformation.  

We are working with the Centre for Digital Built Britain and the Construction Innovation Hub to develop the skills and competencies required by graduates in a rapidly developing digital world, and set out a clear road map for professional institutes to transform the way we train and educate future generations. 

Graduate Digital Capabilities for Built Environment Professionals

22 March 2022

How we deliver: 

The first part of this initiative will be to build our understanding of the type of tasks that graduates are undertaking as part of their work across the built environment, to identify how this work is utilising digital approaches, and to identify what graduates need to be able to know and do in order to work in these ways. 

The framework for future capabilities will be developed through engagement with professional institutes, academics involved in shaping the future of graduate teaching, and recent graduates who are working at the leading edge of digital approaches in the built environment.


intial workshops in December 2020 brought together 150 recent graduates and the line managers of recent graduates as part of an interactive learning session.

Category: Place & Infrastructure

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