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Design in the Public Sector: programme evaluation

Design in the Public Sector: programme evaluation

5 November 2015

Design in the Public Sector is our public sector transformation accelerator programme for local authorities. The programme seeks to apply strategic design skills to key challenges and better inform the commissioning process.

The Design Commission’s Restarting Britain II opened with the statement: “Design is integral to the DNA of each and every public service.” The report recognised that just saying public services should use design more is not enough, and that more needs to be done to ensure local authority officers, service commissioners and policymakers have the understanding, capacity, willingness and skills to design and develop cost effective, user-led public services. This programme enables local authority commissioners to review and reframe services around the needs of users

As a result of the report’s recommendations, Design Council developed the Design in the Public Sector programme, which launched in January 2014.

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