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Patient Information Mat

Patient Information Mat

30 June 2009

The Design Challenge

The Patient Information Mat was developed by RCA's Helen Hamlyn Centre with MultiAdaptor as part of the Design for Patient Dignity Design Challenge.

The problem

A patient’s time in hospital can be a worrying and stressful experience, often influenced by the environment of the wards. The aim of the Design for Patient Dignity Challenge was to improve the experience in hospital by helping patients feel less vulnerable and more dignified. One way of improving a patients experience is to provide clear communication and access to information.




Privacy is only one component of dignity – the whole interaction with the patient contributes to dignity. When communication breaks down the patient can feel more vulnerable



Clinical Manager, NHS


Patients with planned admissions to hospital are currently sent a booklet telling them about their hospital stay. However this gives a great deal of information which many patients find hard to take in.

The solution

The Patient Information Mat has been designed to be a simple, low cost solution providing specific information for a patient’s stay. Using a clean format to ensure information is easily understood, the disposable paper mat also includes space to allow hospital staff to communicate changes by writing on the mat.

The mat improves the overall experience of an inpatient’s hospital stay as it provides information in a concise way. Clear communication with patients ultimately leads to overall improved patient dignity. So far Over 30,000 mats have been commissioned and placed across two NHS trusts.

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