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Restarting Britain: design and public services

Restarting Britain: design and public services

2 February 2013

Poorly designed services cost the UK a great deal. Restarting Britain 2 shows that the best of design thinking can help to make services more relevant to current needs and reduce cost. 

Over eight months the Design Commission investigated the impact of design on public, private and design sectors. The evidence, which came from leads across all sectors was compiled into a new report, Restarting Britain 2.

This report calls upon government to tackle the dual challenges of making public services better and more cost-effective by putting design at the heart of service development and delivery. 

The inquiry was supported by the Design Council, Capita and the AHRC.

Restarting Britain 2 is the second publication in the Restarting Britain series by the Design Commission. The first Restarting Britain set out the strategic importance of design education as a driver of economic growth. 

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