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Transform Ageing: Exploring the challenge in Cornwall

Transform Ageing: Exploring the challenge in Cornwall

27 November 2017

Transform Ageing is a design-led programme to improve people’s experience of ageing.

It brings together people in later life, social entrepreneurs and public sector leaders, to design and deliver solutions to the needs and aspirations of our ageing communities.

In Phase 1, design workshops were held in Cornwall, North Devon, Somerset and Torbay over the Summer 2017. Participants worked together to explore a specific challenge and conduct research in their communities. Their findings informed a set of ‘innovation briefs’ for social entrepreneurs to respond to in Phase 2.

We commissioned an ethnographic team (Postcode Films and Fan Sissoko) to follow the experience of one group in Cornwall, working on the challenge ‘options for assistive technology’.

What did we learn?

  • The group found the challenge of ‘assistive technology’ a daunting concept, but were able to use these first impressions to understand how to find a way to talk to people in their communities about it
  • The programme’s emphasis on people’s motivations for joining, rather than their job roles, helped the group to bond and ‘work as a team of human beings’
  • The group enjoyed the creative aspect of the workshops, choosing to conduct their research by journaling, leading to a powerful insight into perceived expectations to ‘be good at technology’
  • The group also observed positive impacts on their interviewees, who enjoyed being asked for their views and being able to talk about things that really mattered

How can I find out more?

For an in-depth look at the stories from each location, see our other ethnographic videos and report.

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