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Video: The Design Economy 2018 – City ID

Video: The Design Economy 2018 – City ID

26 June 2018

As part of our flagship Design Economy 2018 research, we present seven case studies, which bring to life how a selection of different firms use design. For an introduction to the case studies, please see here.

City ID is a city information, urban and wayfinding design company based in Bristol and working internationally. It was founded by Mike Rawlinson and Sara Crossley in the late 1990s. Through his experience in town planning and urban design at Bristol City Council, Rawlinson identified an opportunity to provide high quality place-based city information and wayfinding services.

In this video, Founder and Design Director Mike Rawlinson explains how their first project for Bristol City Council – which introduced the idea of ‘Legible Cities’ – led to work nationally and internationally. This has included wayfinding projects for airports, integrated transport systems, bike share systems, and large parks – with work for the Olympic Park and New York City’s Department of Transportation.

Having been one of the first firms to use graphic and information design in an urban environment, City ID has seen a rapid expansion of work in the North American market which now makes up around 70-80% of their annual turnover. They have pioneered a new market for design at scale in the built environment in the UK and internationally.

Photo: City ID; Copyright City ID 2018

Video: James Oriel

Thanks to: Mike Rawlinson, Alex Hendrie, Rebecca Greenwald and Eleanor Jubb

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