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What is design?

Design is what happens when people use creativity to solve problems.

Computers and coffee cups, skyscrapers and socks. Everything not made by nature, has been designed.

Britain is a world leader in design.

We've interviewed some of the most prominent figures from across the world of design in our Life in Design series. Hear their unique stories about their education pathway, their career highlights and what their day to day as a designer looks like. 

Margaret Calvert

She is a legend of British graphic design and has been responsible for designing some of the most iconic pictograms that are known around the world, such as the ‘man at work’. In this film she talks about her early career and how she got started before graphic design was even a term, lessons she’s learned along the way, how the industry has changed and her advice for budding designers.

Xavier de Kestelier

He is the Head of Design and Head of Innovation at Hassell studio in London. He is an architect and designer who has worked on numerous projects through his career. In this film he talks about how he got started as a designer, advice he has and what it's like to design on everything from a space station to a light fitting.

Foday Dumbuya

He is the Founder and Creative Director of Labrum London. His designs are inspired by his Sierra Leone heritage and stunning British tailoring. He originally started as an information designer but knew he wanted to tell cultural stories and screens wasn't the place for it. His brand prides itself on living and breathing sustainable values and creating a legacy for the future.

There has never been a better time to become a designer.

The planet needs design solutions to help tackle the climate crisis.

We need a more diverse mix of people designing to represent the society we live in. Many every day designs such as crash test dummies or non-touch hand dryers were not designed with women or people of colour in mind and this needs to change.

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