Leading Business by Design: High Value Manufacturing


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Inside you will find

  • Insights on how design drives innovation and growth in the high value manufacturing sector
  • Future trends and their impact on design in manufacturing
  • Recommendations for businesses and policy makers on using design to boost innovation and growth

This will interest

  • Businesses from across manufacturing industries
  • Businesses wanting to adopt design principles
  • Government policy makers
  • Students interested in learning about design

In 2013, the Leading Business by Design research project was launched to examine how businesses – including organisations not traditionally associated with design – can benefit from it.

Following on from our 2013 research, we commissioned Warwick Business School and RS Consulting to investigate the impact of design when used at a strategic level in the high value manufacturing sector. This report is available to download free, opposite.

As part of this research, we produced in-depth studies into the passenger automotive and civil aerospace sectors. These reports are available to purchase on Amazon.

The reports reveal the extent to which leading UK businesses are turning to design as a way to stimulate innovation, evolve their internal culture, differentiate their products and services, and ultimately grow their businesses.

The findings are grouped into four broad areas:

  • Innovation and growth
  • Collaboration (both within and between companies)
  • Designers’ skills and competencies
  • How design could be affected in the future.


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