Exploring the challenge - the impact of the design process


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Inside you will find

  • Findings from the ethnographic evaluation of Transform Ageing, following participants through the ‘Exploring the Challenge’ phase

This will interest

  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise professionals
  • Those who work to support people in later life
  • Public sector staff

This report contains the findings of an ethnographic evaluation of the ‘Exploring the Challenge’ phase of Transform Ageing. The evaluation reviews the successes and challenges of using a design-led approach with multiple stakeholders in a community setting.

Ethnographers followed a group working together to explore a challenge associated with an ageing population, in each of the four locations where the programme is operating (Cornwall, North Devon, Somerset and Torbay). The evaluation uncovered impacts on the participants, documented the process of applying a design-led approach in a community setting and identified opportunities for improvement. It is written for those interested in the approach taken in Transform Ageing and those eager to make change to improve people's later life.

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