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Richard Alexandre

Service, Experience & UX DesignDigital & AIStrategic Design, Design Innovation

Richard is a Global Design Strategist for Climate Innovation. With over a decade of experience at McKinsey and various startups, he has led design teams and implemented agile practices to validate and launch successful initiatives in over ten countries across the Americas and Europe. Renowned for his award-winning innovation to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, Richard uses strategic design to develop pioneering solutions that promote long-term environmental and business resilience.

Notable projects include designing organic electronic systems for early wildfire detection and AI tools to assist farmers with regenerative soil practices. Passionate about fostering a sustainable relationship with the environment, Richard is an active contributor to the design community as a Design Council Design for Planet Expert and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. An advocate for designers' and innovators' responsibility to conceive new paradigms that strengthen the connection between humanity and nature, he continually seeks intersections of design, technology, and sustainability to create meaningful change for a regenerative future.

Richard Alexandre