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Sarah Douglas

Speculative Design, Futures DesignArtsStrategic Design, Design Innovation


Sarah Douglas is Co-Director of The Liminal Space, the creative agency she founded over 10 years ago with a mission to leverage cross-disciplinary creativity to drive positive social and strategic change. From a pop-up fictional beauty shop exploring fertility to disrupting major museums with provocations about sustainability, The Liminal Space creates unique experiences that promote understanding, stimulate debate, and lead to action.


Broadly encapsulating health, climate, and the future of work, The Liminal Space focuses on the topics that matter to people and the planet. The agency is known for delivering award-winning, highly creative, and impactful public engagement experiences and initiatives. In her role, Sarah has been proud to work with forward-thinking institutions, international brands, charitable foundations, and museums including Wellcome Trust, Co-op, Natural History Museum, the V&A, UKRI, Selfridges, NHS England, Impact on Urban Health, Francis Crick Institute, UCL, Museum of the Home, Barbican, and University of Oxford.


A passionate creative entrepreneur, Sarah's particular skills lie in building and leading a team of professionals and guiding them in their mission; working closely with clients to understand their needs and developing tailored strategies that enable them to achieve their goals; and identifying new opportunities and partnerships to expand The Liminal Space’s reach and impact.

Sarah Douglas