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Vincent Goodstadt

Architecture & Built EnvironmentStrategic Design, Design InnovationUrban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Vincent advises the public, private, and voluntary sectors, ranging from local neighborhoods to regional authorities and from inner-city and remote rural communities. Previously, he held senior posts in local government with responsibility for statutory joint plans, economic and transport strategies, and major regeneration and greening projects. He has been a Design Council Expert in a range of capacities, including design review panels, advising on local plans, and developing good practice. He has also advised the Prince’s Foundation, The Glass-House, and UDL, drawing on his experience in collaborative place-making.

He has co-authored best practices, such as the RTPI ‘New Vision for Planning,’ the European (ECTP-CEU) charters on Planning Participatory Democracy and Professional Competence, the TEEB guidance on Ecosystems Services, and the UN Habitat Professionals Forum post-pandemic ‘Roadmap to Recovery.’ He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Manchester, an Honorary President of the ECTP-CEU, a Past President of the RTPI, a Vice-President of the TCPA, and a Fellow of the RSA & Academy of Social Science. He is also a member of the steering groups for the UK2070 Commission and the network of Chartered Planners in Academic Practice, as well as a range of other international roles including with the METREX metropolitan network, the OECD, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Vincent Goodstadt