Design is a key source of innovation and therefore part of the solution to the growth challenge Europe is facing.

Annette Vilhelmsen, Minister for Business and Growth, Denmark

To remain globally competitive Europe's economy needs to grow, and this cannot happen without innovation. The European Commission has identified design as a critical driver of innovation and as a result, has invested in a series of design programmes that aim to encourage the use of design in business and the public sector.

Design for Europe is the culmination of the EU's design agenda. It brings together a community of innovators so that they can share their expertise across international and regional borders.

Central to Design for Europe's mission is the belief that design is about much more than how things look. Our context is about the power of design to transform the way things work, be they products, services or even policy.  

Design for Europe has three focus areas: business and enterprise, public sector innovation, and design and policy.

Through a combination of events, online knowledge-sharing and networking, we are raising awareness of the value of design and helping people, be they business owners, public servants, policymakers, design intermediaries or designers, use design to drive innovation.

Visit the Design for Europe website to find:

  • Case studies that demonstrate the impact of good design
  • The latest expert thinking on design-driven innovation
  • Learning materials and tools to help you implement design
  • Our network of European innovators

The project is being delivered over three years from January 2014 as part of the European Commission’s Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation.

Design for Europe

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