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Report / 23/03/2020

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Our Strategy 2020-24 outlines how we will ensure design is used as a force for change, helping us to tackle some of the toughest economic, societal and environmental challenges in the UK and beyond. This document outlines our key priorities –...

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Design Council’s purpose is to make life better by design.

We are an independent charity and the government’s advisor on design. Our vision is a world where the role and value of design is recognised as a fundamental creator of value, enabling happier, healthier and safer lives for all. Through the power of design, we make better processes, better products, better places, all of which lead to better performance.

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Our history

Design Council was established by Winston Churchill’s wartime government in December 1944 to support Britain’s economic recovery. The Council of Industrial Design, as it was then known, had the founding purpose of promoting ‘by all practicable means the improvement of design in the products of...


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